Fusion LQX INTEL-775G3

Are looks deceiving? Are looks deceiving? In this case, most definitely! Behind the elegantly styled case rests a core of power, boasting the latest in Quad/Dual Intel Core 2 technology, PCIe Nvidia or ATI/AMD supported graphics, all backed up with an unparalleled 1000W of power! This complete system has everything you would ever need, from high spec flat panel TFTs to 7.1 sound capabilities. This PC has the cool exterior of granite and the fire of fusion within, this amalgam of technologies has culminated in the ultimate in gaming systems, ever expanding, ever developing, you have the power to change the future of gaming in your own hands. Can you take on the challenge of Fusion?


LQX Xiphias

Cooling Mesh:
Fans type: Cooling:
PSU: Motherboard: CPU:
Hard Drive: Storage HD:
RAID Card:
Optical Drive: Optical Drive 2: Floppy Drive:
PCI card:
PCIe Device:
Sound Card:
Secondary OS:
OS Extras: Building: Overclocking: Warranty: Packaging:
Lian-Li V2100B Plus Black CASE (NO PSU)
Supreme Cable Management and UV Modding - Blue
Plain Precise Machine-Cut Window
Precise Machine-Cut Plain Rectangular for meshing
Supreme Air-Brushing (Complex Custom Pattern)
Blue-LED fans
LiquoCool Antarctic TXX (CPU+2xChipset+2VGA+2xMosfets)
Coolermaster Real Power M1000W Modular PSU
ASUS Striker II Extreme (Nvidia 790i - 1600/1333 FSB DDR3)
ntel Core 2 Quad QX9650 Extreme Retail (4x3.00GHz 1333FSB 12Mb)
G.Skill DDR3-1600 2x2048MB PI CL7 Dual Channel Kit
(2 x) BFG Nvidia 280GTX OC 1024Mb PCIe 2.0 HDCP
(4 x) 32Gb Samsung 2.5" SATA II SSD (100Mb read/80Mb write)
1Tb WD Caviar GP 7200 16mb Cache SATA II
none selected
SONY-NEC Optiarc AD-7203A 20x DVDRW Black OEM
Lite-On LH-2B1S Blu-Ray SATA DVDR Black
Icy Box 16-in-1 internal/external USB Card reader (Black)
KillerNIC M1 Network Accelerator PCI
Terratec Cinergy 2400i DT DVB-T TV Tuner PCI-Express x1
Creative 7.1 X-FI Elite Pro
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 OEM
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bit DVD OEM
X-Image on 2.5" 120Gb, Vista opt. and Genesis CD
Standard Build (5-15 working days)
Extreme Overclocking (10-50% - CPU/Memory/VGA) (NOT RECOMMENDED)
Deluxe 2 Year Collect and Return-Onsite Warranty
Aluminium Custom Trunk (Full Towers - 80x80x40)