AMD AM2HS System

Flexibility is the key, being adaptable and versatile is what Nucleus offers you. This option offers the you the opportunity to create your machine based on AMD 64 bit technology, and there are no limits! You have the option of enhancing your machine with up to 2Gb RAM, 2 RAID configured 250Gb sata 2 hard drives, twin optical drives PCIe graphic cards. Sases are also as flexible as you want them, so your machine not only performs beyond imagination but looks as good as it runs! In addition, this machine has the potential to offer full mobility with up to 8 USB ports and 2 Firewire ports, along with the additional capacity for wireless connectivity and bluetooth.Are you tempted to open Pandora's Box? PSU: Quiet and efficient FSP 350-500W Case Cooling: Akasa quiet Fans CPU fan: Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro or alternative


system 17430

Cooling Mesh:
Fans type: Cooling:
PSU: Motherboard: CPU:
Memory: Graphics:
Hard Drive: Storage HD:
RAID Card:
Optical Drive: Optical Drive 2: Floppy Drive:
PCI card:
PCIe Device:
Sound Card:
Secondary OS:
OS Extras: Building: Overclocking: Warranty: Packaging:
Akasa Zen Black Case (No PSU)
none selected
none selected
none selected
none selected
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro or alternative
Acasa quiet Fans
Quiet and efficient FSP BlueStorm 350-500W
MSI K9A Platinum CrossFire SKT AM2
AMD X2 5200 SKT AM2 Retail (2.6GHz 2x1024KB)
OCZ DDR2-800 2x1024MB Special Ops Edition Urban Elite
400Gb Barracuda 7200.10 16mb Cache SATA2 NCQ
none selected
none selected
Sony CDRW DVD Combo 52x32x52x16 OEM Black
Pioneer 111DBK DVDRW Black
none selected
none selected
none selected
Creative 7.1 Audigy 4 Retail with remote
Windows Vista Home Basic 64 bit DVD OEM
none selected
none selected
Standard Build (5-15 working days)
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Premium 2 Year RTB Warranty and Lifetime Support
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